Triad United Volleyball Academy Philosophy

Triad United Volleyball Academy is an organization dedicated to the development of junior age volleyball athletes. Besides acquiring advanced skills and improving performance levels, players will learn the value of teamwork, responsibility, motivation, discipline, and life skills. TUVA is also committed to the development of volleyball in North Carolina by providing a showcase and support system for young athletes, aged 8 to 18, including their volleyball careers into college and beyond.


  • To train and educate young athletes in the sport of volleyball.
  • To develop interest and encourage participation in the sport of volleyball for athletes 5 years old through high school seniors.
  • To teach every athlete to be the best player they can be in a positive, and productive environment.
  • To develop skills and tools that a player can take to any team and apply.
  • To be dedicated to the development of teamwork, communication, sportsmanship, and work ethic.
  • To provide players with the most advanced technical training.
  • To be recognized as one of the finest youth volleyball programs in the nation.
  • For players still in high school, to provide top-level training that will allow each player to participate successfully on their varsity high school teams.
  • To provide our coaches with growth opportunities for their professional development.
  • To provide educational opportunities for parents in support of their athlete, club, and the volleyball community.
  • To provide assistance for your child’s future. Triad United Volleyball Academy will help to advise your child in their future endeavors, regardless of whether that includes collegiate volleyball. If your child chooses to play volleyball in college, we have recruiting coordinators who will assist in making college coaches aware of your athlete and his/her individual talents as well as various services to assist your child in the recruiting process and to educate parents in the process.

What's in a name?


AAU USA is the largest sports organization in the country playing host to both domestic and international teams. RISE will host AAU tournaments and TUVA teams that qualify may compete at nationals.

TUVA falls under the Carolina Region, a charter member of USA Volleyball. Some TUVA teams will play on localized Carolina Region tournaments while all athletes must be a member of the Region.

The NCAA Eligibility Center is for student-athletes wishing to pursue their volleyball careers after high school. This site gives families vital information on what some of the “next steps” are.


A volleyball program everyone can be proud of – players, parents & coaches.